It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”

Holy fortune cookies, Batman! Well, if that’s the case then this is me:

  • Recently remarried mother of two delightful, adult children and now three lovely stepchildren.
  • English/SPED Teacher working with at-risk youth who have been known, on occasion, to swear at me.
  • Kick Ass kickboxing, cycling, “Muscle Inferno,” “Survivor,” Instructor. You name the ass and I will kick it soundly.
  • Resurrected, published writer of news and feature stories, editorials, short stories and poetry. Publications: “The Providence Journal,” “The Sun Chronicle,” “The Derry News,” “The Salem Observer,” “The Middleboro¬†Gazette,” “The Portsmouth Press,” “Rockingham County Newspapers,” “Galadriel,” “The Northern New England Review,” and “The Red River Review.”
  • Author of the fantastic, future best-selling novel: Beauty and Other Vices. (Coming in December.)
  • Pet owner, fitness freak, mini-van convert, outdoor enthusiast, home owner, tax payer, “Survivor” watcher and, now, blooger.

I mean, blogger.

Thanks for reading.


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