It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”

Holy fortune cookies, Batman! Well, if that’s the case then this is me:

  • Recently remarried mother of two delightful, adult children and now three lovely stepchildren.
  • English/SPED Teacher working with at-risk youth who have been known, on occasion, to swear at me.
  • Kick Ass kickboxing, cycling, “Muscle Inferno,” “Survivor,” Instructor. You name the ass and I will kick it soundly.
  • Resurrected, published writer of news and feature stories, editorials, short stories and poetry. Publications: “The Providence Journal,” “The Sun Chronicle,” “The Derry News,” “The Salem Observer,” “The Middleboro Gazette,” “The Portsmouth Press,” “Rockingham County Newspapers,” “Galadriel,” “The Northern New England Review,” and “The Red River Review.”
  • Author of the fantastic, future best-selling novel: Beauty and Other Vices. (Coming in December.)
  • Pet owner, fitness freak, mini-van convert, outdoor enthusiast, home owner, tax payer, “Survivor” watcher and, now, blooger.

I mean, blogger.

Thanks for reading.


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